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Top Honey Brands in Singapore for the Ultimate in Taste and Wellness | Vanilla Luxury

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7 years on, Little Honey takes pride in being the trusted brand in homes and the supplier of Premium Pure Sidr Honey in Singapore, Pakistan, Australia and the UK. What’s more, they are the first to make it available in convenient, easy to use straw sizes.

Yemen Sidr Honey is the rarest and most expensive honey in the world and is sought after because of it’s exquisite taste and health benefits as a natural medicine, and even an aphrodisiac. In fact, the demand for raw, pure and aged real Sidr honey from Yemen is so high that it is known to sell for up to US$1000 per Kilogram!

#LittleHoneyFans love the earthy, rich yet delicate, perfectly sweet flavour of Sidr Honey. But as they say, tasting is believing! Take a pick from their honey straws and jars to see why everyone is making a ‘beeline’ for this gorgeous golden syrup.

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Jennifer Barret — Onestation Owner

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