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Our Story

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Back in 2013, having a passion for Honeybees and knowledge of the goodness of Yemeni Sidr Honey, our partners at Little Honey saw an opportunity to bring this goodness in straws. They travelled and studied honeybees and their production of this wondrous substance from diverse parts of the world landing on the most beneficiant, medicinal and miraculous Sidr.Coined by us as the ‘Manuka of the East’, Sidr honey is harvested from the Lote tree , also known as Ziziphus- Spina Christi and has wide uses which makes it an essential kitchen pharmacy tool. 7 years from inception Little Honey has now grown from one product to over 20 SKU’s and a growing fan base. We aim to educate our consumers and Little Honey fans on how best to inculcate the honey culture as part of their lifestyle to benefit from this wholesome product and achieve Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being.

Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy

Each straw & jar you purchase from Little Honey enhances and enriches the livelihood of the farmers in rural Yemen
Every claim we make on the medicinal properties of Sidr Honey is backed up by published research. Below are some key research findings amongst others:

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The difference between the different Types of Sidr is mainly based on the seaon they are harvested in. The season determines the Grade of the honey; Grade A or S+ is Spring honey harvested when the Sidr flower is in full bloom thus making the taste stronger and more floral. Grade T is Summer Grade Sidr which is milder in taste, thicker than the S+ compotent yet medicinal. Kashmiri Sidr or KPK is harvested from the Northern mountain regions of Pakistan. This rich, luscious, floral- tasting honey can be compared to the Grade A Yemeni counter-part.
Children, aged 1 year and above can safely consume honey daily.
All the different types of honey are medicinal and benefitial in their own way. Studies show honey has Anti-bacterial, Anti- inflammatory and Anti-oxidant properties making them a crucial part of our daily healthy food intake. If it is your first time consuming Sidr we would recommend to start with Grade T as a daily immune boosting agent. A higher grade honey (S or S+) can be stocked in your pantry as a provision for days when your immunity gets slightly compromised and immediately helps fight the flu or cold.
While all honey has sugars in them; Sidr honey has a higher concentration of fructose – natural sweetness from fruits thus one tablespoon of honey taken daily in the morning, preferrably first thing in the morning with a glass of warm water is generally beneficial, infacts helps regulate the blood sugar level specially when taken with Grade 1 Ceylon Cinnamon.

HEAL by Little Honey is the Medicinal Series of Infused Yemeni Sidr honey aimed to HEAL the Heart, Energise the being, Alleviate symptoms and Add Luminosity to one’s Soul. They are available in 4 Flavours – each one sourced organically and the best of it’s kind.
1. Yemeni Sidr Honey infused Grade 1 Ceylon Cinnamon
2. Yemeni Sidr Honey Infused Grade A Iranian Saffron
3. Yemeni Sidr Honey Infused Organic Ginger
4. Yemeni Sidr Honey Infused Turmeric

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